5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband

5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband

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Checking his iPhone. 

5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband

A great and easy way to do it. Get into his iPhone while he’s sleeping or bathing, in short, while he’s not looking. Check who he calls regularly, pay attention to the times of those calls – on his way to/from work, during his break/lunch, at night. Look at his incoming and outgoing texts. By the way, the best assistant here is not even an iPhone. It’s enough to ask the mobile operator for details of his calls. 

To do this, you need to have his phone or sim card with you, because you will probably be asked to enter the password that will come to his number. Specify the period of time you want and go ahead. Everything is in front of you. If you figured out which number belongs to your husband’s mistress, you can Google it – there’s so much interesting stuff on the Internet. Her number can be on your resume, on a classifieds site – anywhere. You can also try special mSpy spy app and install it on your husband’s iPhone.

Find out where he really spends his time. 

Buy or borrow a small GPS navigator on batteries and hide it safely in the car. Later you can pick it up and connect it to your computer via USB port. The computer will display a map of all your husband’s movements. With these devices, you can even track the man online.

Where your family budget goes. 

5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband

The easiest way is to use the classic method – regularly check your pockets in hopes of finding receipts, bills, some notes. Often in families, spouses keep track of finances together and have passwords to each other’s online banks.

 If your husband has cards registered with an online bank, go online and check where and how much he has spent. His iPhone should be near, there will be a text message with the password, which is better then delete. At the same time you will find out if he exceeded the credit card spending. By the way, an SMS alert may be enough, although your husband could delete such messages as a precaution.

Social media. 

You can’t do without them. Go to his profile and check his correspondence. If you don’t have a password, you have to get one. Get his phone and make sure his husband is busy. Go to his page and click that you forgot your password, then reset it by texting. Make up a new password. Of course, this is a highly undesirable method and is best avoided, as you will have to explain why you did it.  In most cases, personal pages in networks are opened on your computer, tablet or phone by default.

Catch a cheating husband using mSpy.

5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband

Many spouses are cheating on their partners. This is not new news. However, the question remains: how do you catch a cheating spouse? There are many ways to find out if your husband is being unfaithful, but one of the best methods is installing mSpy onto his iPhone without him knowing.

mSpy is an application that you can install on an iPhone. It tracks the location of someone’s iPhone, it enables you to access text messages and emails sent from or received by the device. You can also read through all photos uploaded onto the mSpy gallery – even those which have been deleted!

mSpy is a powerful spy app with many features – some of which include:

  • keylogging: which records everything typed into your husband’s iPhone,
  • setting up geo-fencing: so that if he tries to leave his designated area, an alert will come straight to your email box
  • live call listening: you’ll be able listen in at any time
  • social media activity: you can check out your husband’s Facebook and Twitter activity
  • browser history: you’ll be able to see all the websites your husband visits on his phone
  • photos and videos: you’ll be able to download all the photos and videos taken on his iPhone
  • application history: a list of every single application he has downloaded onto his iPhone
  • remote uninstallation: this function allows you to delete any app installed in one click without needing access to the target device itself. You can also prevent new apps being installed by changing a setting in mSpy remotely

Installation is very easy and takes a few minutes. mSpy can be installed on smartphones and tablets running iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry operating systems.

Many people wonder whether this is legal? The fact that you own the phone makes it perfectly legal for you to install an application like mSpy on your device. It’s even more legal if you’re installing it in order to monitor your children! In general, most states do not have any laws prohibiting the use of cell phone monitoring software by employers so they may legally monitor their employees’ devices using such applications as mSpy. 

This type of spying becomes illegal only when used with criminal intentions such as intercepting conversations between two individuals without consent or hacking someone else’s device without permission. That’s why you can safely install mSpy on your phone if you suspect that your husband is spying on you or keeps an eye on what you’re doing online. That’s why you can safely install an MSPY on your phone if you suspect yours is cheating on you and spending too much time on his iPhone. 

iPhone Spy App: Defining a spy app and how it works

Pros and cons of mSpy:


  • mSpy is very user friendly, you can use it on several devices 
  • It has excellent customer service that will answer any questions about mSpy
  • known as a top cell phone tracker available for computers and smartphones, gives detailed reports of all activities conducted by smartphone/computer users i.e. social media websites visited, calls made /received…etc..


  • Sometimes it does not work properly with selected devices
  • compatibility issues 


We must say that there are times when you need to catch your cheating husband. It may be just an intuition or it could also happen that you actually do have some proof of infidelity, but what exactly can you do about this situation?

mSpy is the best solution for people who want to know if their spouse has a secret life and wants to investigate them without going through long and complicated procedures. The application works on many devices including Mac OS X computers, iPhone smartphones, Windows PCs etcetera. This spy app will help you to learn the truth.

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