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Cocospy is a spy app that can help you monitor your children, employees and other people. It’s an easy to use application that allows you to keep track of their activities on all of their devices. You can also see where they are at any given time and what they’re doing with the device in question. If you want more information about Cocospy before making a purchase decision, read this review!

Why you need spy app?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to install a spy app on someone’s phone. Maybe you’re suspicious that your child is using his or her device in an inappropriate way, like sexting? Or maybe he has secretly taken up smoking and doesn’t tell anyone about it. Whatever the reason may be, Cocospy can help you find out the truth.

How does Cocospy work?

Cocospy works by allowing you to see all of your child’s phone activities, including calls, texts and GPS location information. You can also view contacts lists, photos taken with the phone camera and even videos recorded using it! The app is installed on their device and can’t be removed without your permission.

Some of the most useful features:

Take photos remotely Cocospy allows you to snap pictures using the camera in real time with its remote feature. No need to break into his or her phone anymore, just simply log in and take a look at what’s going on! Track their GPS location You’ll know where they are all day long – this is especially great for parents who want to keep track of when he arrives home from school every afternoon so they don’t have trouble picking him up there. Spy call history With Cocospy’s Call History checker, you’ll find out exactly who he is talking about so much lately. The last thing you ever wanted was for them to fall prey to a predator lurking online. Cocospy saves you from this heartache.

What you can do with cocospy:

  • spy on anyone’s phone at any time, including android phones and iPhones. You can see all their messages – SMS , iMessage chats, WhatsApp, Viber& more;
  • listen to the surroundings of your target device with high quality audio recording;
  • track GPS location in real time. This feature is very accurate for short distances (you will get an exact street address) but less detailed for long distance tracking ;
  • monitor websites visited on the phone. You will get access to all bookmarks, browsing history and browser search queries ;
  • track apps installed& used by your target device user;

The only thing you cannot do with this spy app is text message recording . But there are some other options in cocospy for this purpose – SMS Spy (only texts) or Call Recorder (recordings of both sides). If you need detailed information about these features please go here: Cocospy Features Explained


  • Easy to install, just follow the instructions on their website.
  • Starts working immediately once installed, no need for your child’s phone restarting or anything of that sort!


  • this app may not be suitable if you want more advanced functions such as full message logs and browsing history tracking. 
  • advanced features require subscription – starting at $34 per month! 


This application has been around for quite some time now so it’s stable enough as well as constantly being updated by its developers – just remember that there are more advanced options out there if this one doesn’t suit your needs! And if you think this article was helpful please share it among friends who may need help choosing a good spying tool for their phone.

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