Spyera review: work and opinion

Spyera review: Work and Opinion

Spyera is a spyware application, one of the most convenient and functional new forms for monitoring the use of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs without the user’s knowledge. But defining Spyera in this way would be an understatement, because there are many monitoring options offered by this software, and above all useful for different contexts: are you a parent concerned about how your children are using your smartphone, do you want to know what sites they are browsing. or just finding them at every moment?

Are you an entrepreneur and would like to better manage and control your employees, see where they are and how they use the company computer? In all of these cases, this software may be the right solution with a money-back option within the first 10 days if you’re not satisfied.

How does Spyera work?

Spyera review: work and opinion

Once you install the app on your device, you no longer need to pick it up and you can check its usage on a web page. Spyera requires a constant connection of the monitored device to the Internet to collect data, whether it’s a 4g connection, Wi-Fi or any other type of connection. That way, you’ll have a constant stream of data about how the device is being used, and you can read all the recorded data from your personal account. 

Main features of Spyera 

The software is available for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Symbian systems, including smartphones, tablets, MACs and Windows PCs. By running the software on a variety of operating systems, Spyera aims to provide as many monitoring features as possible for all devices through continuous updates, but some of the features may be temporarily limited. Let’s take a look at some of Spyera’s features on different devices.

Spyera review: work and opinion
  • Listen to live or recorded phone calls with Spyera: Spyera boasts the ability to listen to calls to a monitored device in real time, something that competing spyware apps don’t have.
  • The program will send you a text message to your cell phone every time a call occurs with the number you’ve specified in your personal account, and you can intercept and listen in completely anonymously by simply calling the monitored device. If it cannot be intercepted live, it can be recorded and listened to later from your Spyera account.
  • Listen to your surroundings: You can listen to what’s going on around the phone you’re tracking at any time on both Android and iPhone smartphones.
  • Read chats from the most used messaging apps: You’ll be able to read more than 10 of the most popular messaging chats, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype and Viber.

As we all know, these apps also allow you to receive and send multimedia files, locate your location and perform many other functions. You can keep track of everything from your personal account.

Spyera system requirements and iPhone compatibility

Spyera review: work and opinion

Spyera can be used on iPhone and iPad on operating systems up to 11.3.1. In order to install the software on iPhone or iPad you will necessarily have to jailbreak the device you want to install it on, otherwise you will not be able to monitor its activities. Once the jailbreak is done you’ll have the device completely under control.

Spyera system requirements and Android compatibility

Spyera supports Android devices up to v8.1 for both smartphones and tablets. To take full advantage of the possibilities offered on your Android devices you’ll have to root it, a simple operation that consists in downloading a file to the smartphone. Once done, you will be able to manage your device from your personal web page and take advantage of all the options Spyera provides: you will be able to listen to live conversations, use your smartphone as a remote bug, control the chats of 16 messaging apps, check your emails and much more.

If you don’t want to root the monitored device, you will still be able to see media files, check SMSs and geolocate the device, but some very important functions will be precluded, like controlling chats on many apps or accessing emails.

How to install Spyera?

Step 1: Click on “Get Spyera” to access the official product page. From here you will be able to get all the information about the product, and once you are ready to purchase it you just need to click on “Buy Now”.

Step 2: There are three purchasable versions of Spyera, divided according to the device you want to monitor: Smartphone, Tablet and Computer. The prices differ, as well as the functions present in each package.

Step 3: Once the purchase is complete, you’ll be provided with a private URL via email from which you’ll be able to download the software to your device. For this reason, for the installation procedure you’ll necessarily need to have the device you want to monitor available.

Security: Spyera scam or reliable?

Spyera has been operating since 1999 and has accumulated a number of awards over the years for the quality of its services. The technology used is unparalleled, and it still offers some features, including live call interception, not found in competing software. The payment methods are 100{0516b1e89acf30206bad5119909d3bf2b9c558b4a2797982f22a38b6bc37dcea} secure and once made you will have immediate access to the software purchased. In spite of our positive experience, we report that many users have found it difficult to contact customer support, which is not always prompt and comprehensive in its explanations and answers.

Using Spyera: is it legal?

Spyera review: work and opinion

The purchase and installation of the software is absolutely legal, but the way it is used can be illegal. Spyera is developed to monitor your children, employees who are aware of the software’s presence, or of course control any personal devices; any form of use on unaware individuals is illegal. It is your responsibility to use the software within the terms of the law in your country. Improper use, i.e., on individuals unaware of the presence of the software on their devices, may result in financial and legal penalties.

Spyera Customer Support

Let’s get to the sore point of the service, the customer support, or perhaps it would be better to say the whole management of the product on the Italian market. The site is probably translated by an automatic program, there are many grammatical errors and the customer support is only in English. The “contact form” is incomplete and not working, but it is possible to contact Spyera by phone and by e-mail. If you know English we suggest you to inquire in the original version of the site.

Final thoughts

With Spyera you can control your most used devices in an easy and affordable way: from intercepting and listening to real-time calls to recording them, from viewing app messages to locating your device via GPS. With Spyera you will truly be in control of all your devices. 

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